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The nature of the work we do is based on the Earth’s Geology, Climate, Seasons, Soils, biological health, Water Systems, and Radiation and knowing scientifically how these large Earth processes work is a very useful starting place in designing. The next essential ingredient is having the skilled manpower to create accurate earthwork modifications is the hard, but necessary work to produce style.   Ten years of academic study provided the Degree in Environmental Science that assists the design of gardens, which mimic the natural world. Working with Contemporary designers including Chelsea Gold Medal Winner and gardening writer Christopher Bradley-Hole has added a modern edge to our work.


We have a very personal approach where a long and varied experience ensures that our team, customers, and architects (where used) enjoy both a friendly and business relationship. We have come across so many people that have had bad experiences at the hands of unqualified, or dislikeable tradesmen. If you have worked hard to afford a luxury purchase like a new garden, you and your family should enjoy the process as much as the final garden.