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Garden Design

Since ancient Chinese and Egyptians times, through to today, design has been one of the most powerful reasons for gardening, but it is far from the only one. The enjoyment and fulfilment gained by being able to work with nature is both practical and for many even spiritual.

In my experience TV has helped to capture peoples' attention, but it also leaves most viewers inadequately prepared for what could be a very large lifestyle change. We design many gardens and we have also worked with the some of the best designers. It is more often the skills displayed within the construction requirements, which makes a successful garden alteration. The accuracy and feel, for instance, of the laying of stone, the type of brickwork, or the planting plan to meet a garden design, will fashion the final result.

Tips: Never under-estimate the importance of finding the right landscaping expert. They are not all the same. We are environmental consultants and consider all the physical factors that influence your garden landscape and have a wealth of experience of its application. Most good designers need a good working relationship with a landscaper with vision to realise their design and your dream.